Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Quinta Portugal Vacation

Portuguese Quintas

Last week we spoke about Santa Maria Island. Today we'll talk about Quintas.
Have you thought about renting a Quinta on your Portugal Vacation? Unlike Pousadas, which are important historical buildings that have been converted into hotels, with emphasis on historical preservation and in keeping with the region of the country, Quintas differ slightly.

A Quinta is rural estate or farm, whose main houses encompass architectural styles from the classic to the rustic. Although many of these are historical buildings, Quintas are often privately owned residences.

Quintas are great for the traveler who's looking for a more complete travel experience. Unlike Pousadas which are operated by a private company, Quintas are generally owned by private individuals, often by the same family for hundreds of years. Many of the Quintas available are located in Portugal's North Region, which is full history and charm. Being less touristic than the south, Northern Portugal is the place to go for those looking for History, Culture and Solace, it is a true Portuguese vacation experience.

Quintas are a great way to immerse yourself in the local Portuguese communities and experience Portugal up-close. The Quinta owners will both greet you upon arrival, as well as offer you insight into the countryside from ideal hiking to shopping, that you just cannot get from a commercial establishment. Quintas are generally close to many recreational activities including fishing, hunting, golf, swimming, rambling, tennis, horseback riding, cycling and wine tasting. Best of all, you will be surrounded by culture and history the likes that you have never seen before. A Quinta is the best way to fully experience Portuguese culture, intimately.

Unlike Pousadas, Since Quintas are private residences, there are a few procedures that you should be aware of.

Prices are in Euros. There are no extra fees for children under twelve. Breakfasts are included at no extra charge and dinners available at an extra cost. Short notice cancellations may require full payment.

You can find out more information at Solares de Portugal.

Below are some Quintas available to you.

Quinta da Agra Ponte de Lima
Quinta do Albergue do Bonjardim Sertã
Quinta da Aldeia Ponte de Lima
Quinta do Baganheiro Ponte de Lima
Quinta da Bela Vista Castelo de Vide
Quinta da Calçada Melgaço
Quinta da Casa do Paço Paredes Coura
Quinta do Casal Ponte de Lima
Quinta de Cima de Eiriz Guimarães
Quinta da Comenda S. Pedro Sul
Quinta do Convento da Franqueira Barcelos
Monte da Corte Ligeira Beja
Quinta de Cortinhas Arcos Valdevez
Casa Agrícola da Levada Vila Real
Quinta da Maragoça Penafiel
Quinta da Mata Chaves
Quinta do Paço d'Anha Viana do Castelo
Quinta de Parada do Vez Arcos Valdevez
Quinta da Prova Ponte da Barca
Quinta do Rei Ponte de Lima
Quinta da Roseira Ponte de Lima
Quinta de Santa Comba Barcelos
Quinta de Santo António Monção
Quinta de São Bento Vila Verde
Quinta de São Lourenço Anadia
Quinta do Sorilhal Vieira do Minho
Quinta do Sourinho Barcelos

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