Sunday, January 11, 2009

Portugal Vacations: Corvo Azores

Corvo Azores

Last week on Portugal vacations I told you a little about the breathtaking island of Faial. This week I'll tell you a little about Corvo Island (Crow Island in English).

Often, people who travel to Portugal and the Azores specifically, usually forgo a trip to Corvo. Due to its relative isolation to the other Azores islands and its very small population, Corvo can often seem to be a very far away place to visit. But for those of you who are seious about travel, Corvo should not be missed. Don't let its small size fool you, this island is a great location for enjoying nature at its fullest.

Corvo is the smallest and northernmost Island in the Azores. Along with it's sister island Flores, it is part of the western Azores islands. Corvo is approximately 6.5 km long and 4 km wide, with a total land area of approximately 17 km2 As well as being the smallest island in land area, Corvo has also got the smallest population, with approximately 460 inhabitants who mostly reside in Vila Nova do Corvo.

Most of the residents of Corvo work in Agriculture and/or fishing. Due to its isolation, the people of Corvo have learned to do things for themselves and are very autonomous and self-sufficient, the extended family is very important.

The prominent feature of Corvo is the volcanic crater of Monte Grosso which has an approximate perimeter of 4 km and a depth of 300 m. Like many of the other Azores islands, these volcanic craters create a very unique and stunning vistas that are well worth the visit. The volcano is considered dormant.

Due to it's small size and relative isolation, Corvo does not have any hotels so day trip is probably the best option. There is a small campground and guesthouse on the island. You can get to Corvo by small airplane which services the islands a few days per week, or by boat from the island of Flores.

Corvo is indeed a walk off the beaten path, and can be very rewarding for those who take the time to appreciate this small island it is a great place to go on your Portugal Travels.

I hope you enjoyed this brief overview of Corvo. Please come back next week to learn more about the great places of Portugal On Portugal Vacations.

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