Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Portugal Vacations: Flores Azores

Flores Azores

Last week on Portugal Vacations I told you a little about Corvo (Crow Island), the northernmost island in the Azoreas Archipelago. Today, I would like to tell you about Corvo's sister island Flores.

Flores is located on the north west, Flores is another Portuguese Island worth the travel and has a total land area of approximately 143 km², and like the rest of the Azorean islands is volcanic in origin. Many interesting rock formations can be seen on this picturesque island, such as the interesting threads created from petrified basalt. The highest point on the island is Morro Alto at about 3000 feet.

Flores was discovered in 1450 by Portuguese Explorer Diogo de Teive and remained uninhabited for about 20 years, primarily due to the fact that the Portuguese were discovering new Lands almost every year and there was just not enough time to administer each and every land mass. Like many of the other central islands, Flores was primarily established and inhabited by Northern Continental Portuguese. Today, there are approximately 4000 permanent residents on the island who reside in the municipalities of Santa Cruz or Lajes, who will be welcome you warmly on your Portuguese Vacation.

Flores is the Portuguese word for Flowers. It was named thus due to the large number of flowers, hydrangeas specifically, that grow wild and plentiful in the summer months. Many who visit Flores consider it the most beautiful of all the Azores islands, and its hard to argue. With its 7 Crater Lakes and many waterfalls, Flores is a daydreamer's paradise. Along with the large number of Lakes and waterfalls, Flores volcanic history has created the magnificent cavern called Enxareus Grotto, which is approximately 164 feet long and 82 feet wide.

Whether you're looking to day-dream your days away listening to the sounds of a nearby waterfall or sailing into the blue Atlantic Ocean, Flores is a recommended Island Getaway that will keep beckoning you back to simpler days and it makes a great Portugal Vacations.

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Flores is such a nice spot. I agree that it is a daydreamers paradise!

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