Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Great Portugal Vacation Starts In The Algarve

In my last post I told you a little bit about the Algarve, and how it can be the perfect place for your Portugal Vacation. Before I tell you about the other regions of Portugal, let me tantalize you with the Algarve a little more.

Deciding to spend your next Portugal vacation in the Algarve makes sense. The Algarve has been, for many years, a Portuguese getaway from city life. Many Lisbon residents have owned properties in the Algarve for many many years and have generally headed south to enjoy their month long yearly Portugal vacation. There are always things to do, and as the saying goes, "You will never be bored, unless you yourself are boring". With southern Portugal's warm, almost tropical climate, water sports like swimming and sailing are absolutely incredible.

For those of you who feel that boating is the way to vacation, then look no further than the Algarve. Just west of city of Faro you will find secret coves amidst gorgeous rock formations and grottoes. There you can find absolute seclusion and enjoy a day of fishing or just lounge in the sun. For those of you who feel that a perfect vacation includes long stays at the beach, then you won't be disappointed. You will find it to the east of Faro, where you will discover beautifully stunning quiet beaches stretching for miles and miles.

Vacationing in the Algarve is not just about sun and sand though, for those of you who love history, then you're in luck. With Portugal's immense history you will see an unusually large number of historical sites.

Since the Algarve is a place where wealthy Portuguese and tourists alike vacation, you will notice that many of the homes are in fact Mansions. On your boating trip, be sure to look to land to get a breathtaking view of the beautifully designed and gated mansions that dot the coast.Then head into any of the towns and villages along the Portuguese coast to get a delicious Portuguese lunch or snack. Seafood is always fresh and delicious, perhaps afterwards you can browse the shops of Faro and purchase a memento of your Portugal vacation. A Portugal vacation is indeed one to be cherished and perfect for both adults and children alike.

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